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Repair, Cleaning And Re-Dyeing Services For Private, Business And Commercial Aviation

Your Professional Image Is Important

The job of your aircraft is to move people - and, unfortunately, people create wear and tear on aircraft interiors.   In addition, the sunlight causes fading and drying out of the leather or vinyl.   This means you can wind up with an expensive aircraft with a very uninviting interior.   Unappealing appearances damage your personal or corporate image.   So, how do you keep your aircraft leather clean, beautifully maintained and inviting to your guests?

Aircraft seats ready for re-installation after leather restorationYou rely on the expertise inherent in the partnership of Color Glo International, Inc. (CGI) and Aero Interior Maintenance (AIM).  This alliance was formed in order to provide the aviation industry with the first FAA-licensed mobile leather and vinyl repair service (Federal Aviation Administration Repair Station #V70R765X).   That Leather Guy is one of nine FAA-licensed Repairmen from coast to coast across the United States, ensuring accessibility of high-quality, expert service for your aircraft's interior.

Your Safety Is High Priority

Safety is important to you, too. You can be confident, knowing that all CGI aviation products were rigorously tested in order to comply with the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR).  They have passed certain vertical burn testing requirements and have been shown not to add flammability to aircraft leather upholstery - a critical certification for the safety of your aircraft.  All products are used in conformity with an FAA-recognized patented process specification for interior restoration of aircraft leather and vinyl, called the CGI-1000 Process Specification.

You will find us working with:

  • Owner/Operators
  • Fixed Base Operators (FBOs)
  • Commercial Airlines
  • Fractional Share Operators
  • Charter Companies
  • Aircraft Management Companies

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